From Idea to Exit

Structured programmes designed to provide targeted support across your journey.

For an overview of the ICURe Programme and what is included within each sub-programme, please click the below button.

ICURe ENGAGE is a 6-week part-time ICURe taster programme to find potential beneficiaries of research, determine value propositions and consider entrepreneurship as a route to getting societal Impact and as a career choice.

  • 2-day training bootcamp from Impact experts
  • Introduction to Ideation, design thinking and Value Proposition Canvas.
  • Testing of value proposition by engaging a sample of potential beneficiaries.
  • Mentor and peer group support
  • Consideration of how a venture to deliver Impact may be funded.
  • Production of a video report of Impact potential and learnings.
ICURe DISCOVER is a game-changing 8 week part-time online market discover programme, supporting researchers and technicians to discover more about their potential market, increase market awareness and gain deeper understanding of potential technology applications.
  • £2,500 support for testing assumptions and market discovery activities
  • Pathway for further £35,000 ICURe Explore follow on funding.     
  • 2-day training bootcamp with commercialisation experts (or alternatively spread over 8 weeks)
  • Develop an understanding of existing market offerings and competitive landscape for your sector.
  • Outline commercial viability using tools such as the Business Model Canvas (BMC)
  • Plan and execute 8 weeks of tailored market discovery for your idea, product or service using online software, video conferencing and marketing tools.

ICURe EXPLORE is a 12-weeks full-time market exploration programme. It provides financial support up to £35,000 for an Entrepreneurial Lead’s salary, assumption testing, and customer discovery activities. This programme is aimed at helping research teams from across the UK to explore technology applications and test value propositions through extensive market engagement globally.

  • £35,000 support (Max) for the salary of the Entrepreneurial Lead to participate full-time over the 12 weeks, and expenses associated with testing key market assumptions and market exploration
  • Access to our team of experts and proactive connections to our network of entrepreneurs, investors and funders.
  • Membership of a national community of past participants and graduates.     
  • Up to 5 days of intensive bootcamp training on how to develop a hypothetical business model and identify your customers’ pain points.
  • Test value propositions through extensive market engagement
  • Opportunity to access further support and apply for up to £300,000 of follow-on funding from Innovate UK*.
  • Undertake deep in-market research of supply chain, regulators, customers and competitors.
  • You will plan and execute 3 months of tailored market discovery for your idea, product or service using online software platforms, videoconferencing and marketing tools.
  • Following the programme, selected teams will receive 3 further months of support to help conclude a commercial transaction in the form of a license agreement or industry funded collaborative R&D agreement*.

The Exploit phase of ICURe provides ICURe Explore Teams recommended for spinout up to 12-weeks of intensive support. Teams will receive intensive bespoke support to prepare for company formation, business growth, and apply for up to £300,000 ICURe follow on funding.

  • Spinout Readiness

    One month support and assessment on team readiness to spinout.

  • Business Readiness

    Two months support for follow on funding application bid.

  • Investor Readiness

    Support on the Investor Readiness aspect will vary from team to team

  • License Readiness

    Tailored support to prepare for and exploit license opportunities.

  • LAUNCH Programme

    Support on the Bioscience Accelerator aspect will vary from team to team.

  • KICKSTART Programme

    This programme will support you to develop an effective go-to-market strategy for launching your business.