Paving the way for Research Commercialisation with the ICURe Programme

Navigating the path to market for your research can be uncertain, making it challenging to determine the right direction and the subsequent steps required for a successful outcome.


With the experience of our industry specialists within the Innovate UK ICURe programme, we know the fastest way to accelerate your team’s commercialisation process is through real-time industry networking, market exploration and validation.


The ICURe Programme has been developed to facilitate Early Career Research teams with the training, funding and support they need, to refine and validate their commercial potential and see their research and technology develop into a spin-out success story.


Our programme has the ability to fast-track the validation of business ideas and to give research teams new insights into their business model and their market positioning.

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Within the programme we have developed our 4 ‘Pillar’ Programmes: ICURe Engage, ICURe Discover, ICURe Explore and ICURe Exploit, to give each individual research team the training, resources and assistance they need, depending on what stage of the journey their research and business is on.


No matter if you are a research student only starting to focus on the possibility of commercialising your research, or if you are an Entrepreneurial Lead well on your way to entering the market, the ICURe Programme is here to accelerate your progress.


We have a programme of support for every researcher in the UK, no matter where they’re from, what discipline they represent, or what stage of the research they are at.


“It’s only until you step out of your day to day, that you can really appreciate what the market can tell you, and the applicability of your academic research.” – Jack Oliver, Entrepreneurial Lead at the University of Exeter.


So, let’s have a quick look at each individual programme:

ICURe Engage

ICURe Engage is tailored specifically for research students and technicians who are interested in entrepreneurship.

This programme’s central focus is on identifying the potential beneficiaries of research and getting introduced to tools for commercialisation.

Who is it for:

Research students and technicians




4 weeks (part-time)


ICURe Discover

The Discover programme is designed to support researchers and technicians in exploring their potential market. Through the help of our specialists, we aim to increase market awareness and help people gain a deeper understanding of potential technology applications.

Who is it for:

Researchers and technicians


Up to £2500 for Testing Assumptions and Market Discovery


8 weeks (part-time)


ICURe Explore

During this full-time funded market exploration programme, we offer a 5-day training bootcamp delivered by specialists followed by 12-weeks of market discovery and support, for teams to test market assumptions, and gain deeper market understanding and insights to commercialisation.

Each team will have individual mentoring with an experienced research commercialisation mentor and will have the opportunity to present their market findings to a panel of sector specialists, funders and investors.

Who is it for:

Research teams in the UK


Up to £35000 for salary and support


Up to 12 weeks (full-time)


ICURe Exploit

Within the ICURe Exploit programme, there is tailored support to prepare teams for company formation, business growth, and apply for up to £300,000 ICURe Explore Grant Funding.

There is training and workshops with industry experts, and the chance to network with other spinoff companies at different stages of their journey.

Who is it for:

Teams recommended for spinout after ICURe Explore programme


Up to £20,000 salary support

Up to £300,000 ICURe Exploit Grant Funding


Up to 12 weeks (full-time), with opportunity for 12 months of further support

This is a quick overview at each of the 4 key programmes we offer within the ICURe Programme, so no matter what stage your research team is currently at, our experienced team of industry experts can provide top class training on market exploration and commercialisation.


Paul Reavey, CEO of The Helix Way, one of our ICURe delivery partners said;

“In the vibrant landscape of innovation, the ICURe programme stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for visionary researchers across the UK. Its transformative impact has become the catalyst for turning groundbreaking ideas into flourishing ventures. For those contemplating the journey from lab to market, seize the opportunity now.”


Apply today, and let your innovation resonate in the echelons of success.