Phlux is developing high performance infrared sensors that will dramatically improve the performance of laser rangefinder, LIDAR, fibre sensing and imaging systems operating at wavelengths from 1000nm to 1700nm.

Phlux develops high performance infrared sensors to navigate autonomous vehicles. Phlux’s sensors enable autonomous vehicles to see 50% further with over 4x higher image resolution, making autonomous navigation much safer.


Start Date









The Journey

Phlux is a spin-out from The University of Sheffield. The founding members include Dr Ben White (CEO) Prof Chee Hing Tan (CSO) Prof Jo Shien (COO) Dr Hannah Askew (Non-Executive Director) David Crisp (Business adviser) Dr David Robbins (Business adviser).

“The Innovate UK ICURe program was truly a life changing experience and pivotal moment in my career. The new skills that I learned have been invaluable as I transition from academia to be an entrepreneur. The most crucial has been my ability to communicate our technology and vision for Phlux to non-technical audiences. The market intelligence gain from the customer discovery journey was essential for developing our business plan and establishing a route to market. Finally the network I have created will be invaluable in the future. Without the ICURe scheme I am convinced that Phlux would not yet exist; I would not yet be pursuing a career as an entrepreneur; our technology would take years longer to commercialise and the commercialisation may not be taking place in the UK.”

Dr Ben White – CEO, Phlux

Apr 2019

Began NxNW ICURe Cohort C

May 2019

ICURe programme funding £37,228

Jul 2019

Completed NxNW ICURe Cohort C

Nov 2019

Patent GB1916784.0 Granted

Jan 2020

Received £207K Innovate UK funding

Sept 2020

'Phlux' officially launched

What companies had to say about the Innovate UK ICURe programme

Future Goals

Phlux’s long term mission is to be the world leader in infrared sensors, and be at the heart of every autonomous car, ship and plane to make autonomous navigation safe. Our aim is to revolutionise infrared sensing by delivering a range of high performance, affordable infrared sensors to bridge the performance gap between InGaAs SPADs and conventional InGaAs APDs. Phlux is introducing a game changing technology to significantly extend the boundaries of infrared sensing, enabling longer range, lower power, eye- safe sensor systems. Our team is currently developing a range of prototype APDs optimized for wavelengths between 1064 to 1700 nm for free space and fibre based applications.

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