OGI Bio is revolutionising how bacteria, yeast and algae are grown and analysed with a modular culturing system.

OGI Bio is revolutionising how bacteria, yeast and algae are grown and analysed with a modular culturing system that allows our customer to select the measurement and control features they require for their culturing process. OGI Bio do this by providing a base unit and retrofittable modules that can be added or removed by the customer at any point, to increase the relevance of the data on the cultures they have available to them. 


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The Journey

“We participated in the ICURe NxNW programme starting in May 2019 and spent 3 months travelling across the UK, Europe and America speaking to over 130 people about how they currently culture bacteria, yeast or algae and a further 60 competitors, industry leaders and suppliers. The insight we gained from these conversations proved vital in establishing the specific problems that people measuring and exploiting microbes are experiencing and setting the direction that OGI Bio has ultimately taken to address these needs.

Completion of the ICURe programme with a recommendation to spin-out was critical in convincing our institution of the importance of commercializing this research and the subsequent funding obtained from Innovate UK to do so was instrumental in us securing private investment from an Angel Syndicate in Edinburgh.”

“Since finishing the ICURe process, OGI Bio has grown from a concept to a company that has successfully certified and launched products into the UK, EU and US markets, securing further grant and private equity support. Our staff has grown from 1 employee in October 2020 to a team of 8 late last year and plans to more than double that by the end of 2023.”

Alex McVey, CEO OGI Bio

Apr 2019

ICURe NxNW Cohort 3

Feb 2020

Company formed

Nov 2020

Funded by InnovateUK

Aug 2021

Production ready

Mar 2023

v2 launch

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    Future Goals

    At OGI Bio, we want to revolutionise the way that bacteria, yeast and algae are grown. In doing so, we want to become the world leader in automation and analysis of microbial cultures. We aim to have one of our culturing devices on the bench of every person who uses bacteria, yeast and algae.

    OGI Bio is turning automation of microbial culturing on its head. Our game-changing modular automation solution hands control of the culturing process back to the user. This in turn provides reliable, affordable ways of repeatably growing microbes and measuring only the parameters that are important to them, as they strive to develop game-changing technologies themselves.

    We are planning two launches of products in 2023 that will build on our current market offering, providing further measurement and control functions to our existing culturing system in a series of retrofittable modules.