MetalloBio is developing a novel antimicrobial platform technology. The platform is being developed as a systemic antimicrobial and as a medical device coating, giving the capability to both prevent and treat multidrug resistant infections.

The compounds that underpin MetalloBio’s platform are exploit a new chemical space radically different to anything in the clinic or the pipeline. Additionally, the compounds have a novel mechanism of action, little-to-no-emergence of resistance, low toxicity and represent a new antimicrobial class. 


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The Journey

“MetalloBio participated in the ICURe NxNW programme in September 2020 to conduct essential market validation and customer engagement for MetalloBio’s antimicrobial platform technology. Unfortunately, the programme was during the heigh of lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant all tradeshows were virtual, but MetalloBio found this good in some ways as it meant more conversations could be had. MetalloBio virtually attended BIO-Europe and The World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress and held meetings with over 150 potential customers, partners, investors, key opinion leaders, governing bodies and collaborators. MetalloBio attracted significant early commercial interest for all applications of their technology during the ICURe programme, fostering two commercial partnerships. The findings from the programme were presented to an expert panel who advised the most appropriate commercialization strategy was to form a spin-out. MetalloBio were awarded non-dilutive grant funding from Innovate UK to accelerate the development and growth of the company.”

Dr Kirsty Smitten, CEO MetalloBio

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    Future Goals

    MetalloBio’s long term mission is to become a world leader in developing cutting edge solutions to antimicrobial resistance, and to be the first company to bring a new antimicrobial class to the market in over 35 years. MetalloBio is developing this new class as an antimicrobial platform technology which can both treat and prevent pathogenic infections. Allowing the team to reduce mortality rates and prevent the spread of antimicrobial resistance.