Lineat Composites is forming the future of high-performance sustainable composite materials. It turns single-use carbon fibre into a easy and multi use material by re-aligning short chopped fibre waste into a new highly aligned fibre tape using its patented Aligned Formable Fibre Technology (AFFT).

Current continuous fibre material formats are expensive, with poor drapability and highly wasteful to use with few recycling options. Lineat technologies can align chopped fibres back into an highly aligned tape. The highly aligned fibre tape can compete with continuous fibre performance, has vastly improved drapability allowing forming complex shapes in single operation, and allows effective re-use of carbon fibre. Lineat’s vision is to create a circular economy for carbon fibre and reduce the heavy cost and environment burden of lightweight composites.


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The Journey

Lineat Composites was spun out from the University of Bristol by current CTO Dr. Lourens Blok who joined the ICURe program in late 2020. The initial 3 month ICURe phase was key to Lineat success, he recalls. “For three months I stopped doing research and spoke full time to potential end-customers, suppliers, trade bodies and large carbon fiber producers and users; this was invaluable to understand the challenges in the composites market. The contacts I made during the ICURe process have led to promising leads for early development work and future sales.” 

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    Invention and patent of fibre alignment method ‘HiPerDiF’ at University of Bristol


    Second generation machine for first closed-loop recycling studies for carbon fibre composites


    Third generation machine under EPSRC funding, housed at the National Composite Centre


    HiPerDiF research becomes AFFT commercial technology with £300K InnovateUK grant


    First commercial demonstrator work under the Carbon Fibre Circular Alliance


    Successful pre-seed round, £650K


    Completion first commercial pilot line with material pre-orders

    What companies had to say about the Innovate UK ICURe programme?

    Future Goals

    Lineat’s long term vision is to turn single use carbon fibre into a multi-use commodity material and help build a net-zero future. Lineat has traction in the sporting goods market and is planning to scale its process to further reduce cost and increase volume. By combining lower cost recycled carbon fibre material into an easy to use aligned fibre format, simple stamp forming techniques can be used to manufacture lightweight components at automotive rates. This will ultimately allowing recovered carbon fibre to compete with traditional engineering materials and metals in other industries such as automotive and commodity goods.