KOKU is an award winning platform, providing self-managed health care for older adults and NHS approved preventative treatment for health and social care commissioners

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    Keep-On-Keep-Up Health CIC (KOKU Health CIC) origins are founded on over 20 years of research in falls prevention, healthy ageing and health behaviour change theory. Our vision is to “equip and empower” older generations to take control of their health by increasing access, uptake and engagement, to falls prevention exercises and increase awareness of healthy ageing practices.”


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    The Journey

    “The KOKU Health CIC team gained an ICURe NxNW award in January 2019 to conduct focused market validation activities. This involved visits to Tradeshows (World Health Congress; Digital Health; HIMSS, Florida; Tokyo Health); serial entrepreneurs and experts in the field (Harvard, MIT), governance experts (NHS Digital), insurance companies (Vitality; Royal London), and collaborators. The findings from over 150 conversations were then presented to a panel of experts, who advised that the most appropriate commercialisation strategy was to establish a commercial vehicle (a spin-out) to exploit the underlying intellectual property. We then secured seed capital from Innovate UK, to accelerate the development and growth of the company.” Dr Emma Stanmore, CEO KOKU Health

    Nov 2018

    Began NxNW ICURe Cohort B

    Jan 2019

    Completed NxNW ICURe Cohort B

    Nov 2019

    £37,228 ICURe Fund

    Dec 2019

    'Making a difference in social innovation' Award (University of Manchester)

    Sept 2020

    £300K InnovateUK follow on fund

    Sept 2020

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    Future Goals

    KOKU’s long-term goal is to establish KOKU Health in the Global Market; progress is already underway, including that KOKU has been translated into Danish and Norwegian, in preparation for a trial in Denmark as part of a digital health experiment in preventative telehealth. Also, a licence and consultancy agreement has been gained with Texas Medical Centre (University of Texas) as part of a fall prevention pilot study for low-income homebound older adults.