A spin-out company from the University of Hertfordshire, specialising in human in vitro cell culture solutions for safety assessment. 

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    The ImmuOne technology allows for the respiratory testing of any sort of chemical or particles that we might inhale. Scientists and researchers can use the test results to measure the extent of the damage that these substances can cause and determine the concentration that might be considered safe. This has worthwhile potential applications across a range of industries relating to pollution, agricultural chemicals, asthma, paint inhalation, as well as minimising the use of animal testing


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    The Journey

    “I think it was about halfway through Innovate UK ICURe when we started having conversations, that we realised what a gap in the market there was for this technology. The problems in the industry as it stands had actually been solved academically, but the bridge back to the market had never been connected. That was the point that I got really excited, and it just took off from there. At the Options Roundabout I could barely contain myself – I was so excited to tell the team what I had found out. When I started on ICURe I didn’t have any real expectations of my technology, so I was blown away to discover just how in demand it was. ICURe gave me the opportunity to speak to more people than I ever would have been able to on my own. It also helped us to identify three other market sectors – one of which is now our main target market.”

    Abigail Martin, Co-Founder ImmuONE

    Sept 2018

    Took part in ICURe £35k

    Jan 2019

    ICURe roundabout success £15k

    Jan 2020

    Innovate UK commercialisation project activated

    May 2020

    First investment received £100k

    Feb 2022

    £600k NC3Rs grant received

    May 2023

    About to close £1.5m investment round

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    Future Goals

    The future is looking very bright for us at the moment. Our technology is a game-changer for a number of industries, including drug development, the cosmetic industry and pharmaceuticals. In pharmaceuticals, for example, there haven’t been any new drugs developed for the past 15-20 years, despite the fact asthma and other respiratory disorders are so prevalent now. Due to pollution and all these additional chemicals that we’re inhaling, I think often we forget that we take 23,000 breaths a day. To know what we’re developing is going towards making each of those breaths safer for our bodies is an incredible place to be.