Halcyon 3D Ltd

Halcyon 3D Ltd produces additives for 3D photolithographical resins to reduce stress and deformation in 3D photo printing.

Our propriety additives diminish stress, reduce shrinkage, delamination, and geometric deformation in 3D printed parts. Our additive approach is almost universally compatible to most commercial photo-resins for use in most commercial 3D printers without requirement to change equipment. Our technology provides superior product performance with greater geometric complexity.


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The Journey

“Halcyon3d ltd secured ICURe award in 2021 for comprehensive international travel to conduct focused market validation activities. This involved visits to Tradeshows (FormNext, TCT 3Sixty, RAPID + TCT etc), and discussions with expert and major players in the industry such as UK catapult organisation including Stratasys, Formlab, Covestro, Photocentric, MTC, and collaborators”

Ataulla Shegiwal, CEO

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    Jun 2021

    Started ICURe Cohort G

    Jul 2021

    ICURe programme funding £36,000

    Sept 2021

    Patent filed

    Jan 2022

    ICURe programme Cohort G completed

    Apr 2022

    Received £300K Innovate UK funding + spinout funding £10K

    Oct 2022

    Halcyon3D ltd officially launched

    What companies had to say about the Innovate UK ICURe programme?

    Future Goals

    Halcyon 3D ltd is to continue to carry out product-validation and achieve initial sales in 3D-printing/additive manufacturing sector. Strengthening our filed patent and IP portfolio. Validation of technology, testing and expansion offered in house and 3rd-parties and customers, to de-risk the project, demonstrate value to future investors, and reassure customers of technological merits and value-added. Demonstrate the unique technology across most commercial photo 3D-printers and utilise it across all photo resins in photo additive manufacturing.