Erebagen is a synthetic biology company that discovers, optimises & scales truly novel bioactive products from microbes, by activating previously silent gene clusters.

We have developed an automated engineering platform that uses a range of tools including, bioinformatics, microbial engineering, synthetic biology, and synthetic chemistry. With this platform, we are discovering and developing new bioactive compounds in a range of therapeutic and agrochemical areas.


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The Journey

“Erebagen completed their Innovate UK ICURe journey at the end of 2019, which allowed us to have over 100 conversations with companies working in drug, agrochemical, and animal health small molecule discovery. We were also able to meet a number of companies with business plans focused in synthetic biology. We were able to attend several international events (SLASEurope, BioAsia and IMAP), as well as hold face to face meetings with several East Coast companies and experienced drug discovery experts. Using this experience and the feedback that we gained, we have been awarded RSE/BBSRC Enterprise Fellowship and Innovate UK grants, as well as joining the Start Codon Accelerator. The feedback from ICURe allowed us to focus our next stage of research on work-packages, that would help us gain commercial traction with partners that we met during the award.”

Doug Roberts, CEO

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    Jun 2019

    Began Midlands ICURe Cohort C

    Sept 2019

    Completed ICURe program

    Feb 2020

    Received £210K Innovate UK funding

    Mar 2020

    Received £250k BBSRC Follow on funding

    Apr 2021

    Started RSE/BBSRC Enterprise Fellowship

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    Future Goals

    Erebagen will continue to develop our engineering platform, to allow us to rapidly discover and develop new chemical entities from a wider range of microbes. We are currently working on further automating our engineering platform, so that we can build more structurally diverse libraries. We will then incorporate advanced data science and bioinformatic tools to allow us to efficiently process the increased level of data automation creates. With the proof-of-concept data we will generate from this work, we will begin to form commercial partnerships with companies working in both the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors, to generate new hits and leads in several therapeutic areas