DINETCQ is a sports spin out from Loughborough University combining Sports biomechanics, expert coaching know-how and Artificial Intelligence.

Dineticq is currently developing PaceFlow focusing on cricket fast bowling, a software designed to provide instant objective feedback on bowling technique and legality feedback using a mobile phone. PaceFlow is capable of analysing an athlete’s action, helping them improve performance and avoid potential back stress fractures. PaceFlow is an outcome of Dineticq and Loughborough University’s ongoing relationship with England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and many other international cricket teams.

The software offers feedback, coaching recommendations, and technique analysis – alongside a social community designed to help users stay engaged. As such, PaceFlow gives people access to personalised training that is easy to use, and might have otherwise been unavailable to them due to cost.


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The Journey

Team Dineticq received an ICURe award in October 2021, during that time the entrepreneurial lead (Annie) explored 5 areas of application with over 150 conversations around the globe. The areas such as sports, security, safety industry, physiotherapy, arts were explored and a massive traction was established in sports like Cricket, Football, Athletics, Tennis and areas around physiotherapy. Based on the company’s USP and strong connect in the Cricket world, Cricket was the first obvious choice the choice was further evidenced by the growing market. At the end of ICURe, Dineticq was awarded £293k Innovate UK grant to develop the MVP and validate market further. Post the initial validation, the company started to explore additional products around bowling action legality catering to international teams like West Indies and a formal collaboration with ECB is in process.

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    Future Goals

    Loughborough’s research and performance in elite sport is unsurpassed globally.

    Dineticq will evolve this legacy through the development of AI and machine learning, to deliver an augmented coaching app.

    In coming year, Dineticq’s cricket specific product PaceFlow aims to launch multiple products associated with fast bowling covering different areas like legality, performance indicators, injury identification and full technique profiling supported with appropriate feedback for the user to improve specific areas of technique. The product will expand to other areas of cricket like batting, fielding and wicketkeeping. In the long term, team envisions expansion into other sports and areas associated like nutrition, strength and conditioning, psychology, tactical analysis, physiotherapy with plugins from sensor data. From an UI/UX perspective, methods to enhance user experience and engagement would be explored like gamification, avatar creation etc.