Aston Vision Sciences

Aston Vision Sciences (AVS) was established to meet ballooning market demand through the provision of technically advanced, high-value solutions for the ophthalmic eyecare market.

Over a thousand people start to lose their sight in the UK each month and it many of us may personally know someone who is going through this. In countries around the world where resources are limited, these numbers of people experiencing such personal tragedies are far greater (at least 2.2 billion globally)- with nowhere to turn to find help in times of decline and no support to be provided once blind. Many eye conditions are treatable but only if problems are identified and addressed early- something that is still lacking today.

We are on a mission to make healthcare and treatment accessible to everyone – creating a positive impact on the world. Our approach is benchmarked by elegance, simplification and providing quality eyecare, everywhere.


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The Journey

“Curiosity and freedom to experiment during my time as a PhD student allowed me to fuel my passion for developing new tools and devices that can help eye care professionals to better diagnose millions of people around the world suffering from life changing eye diseases and visual impairment.

Spinning out from the university and finding that early group of angel believers who were willing to take a risk on a first time entrepreneur – with only a rough business plan and a crude prototype, was a real first test of perseverance- but only a taste of the challenges to come.

Small progress each day has allowed that seed of an idea to grow into a highly effective tight team of experienced individuals that have flourished together. Over the last four years we have overcome technical challenges, operational expenses, strict medical regulations and our own unrealistic timescales to achieve far more that I would have bet on at the start of this endeavour. We have now sold 1,400 products and our revenue to date sits at £209,000.

Today we have our first, fully certified medical product on the market which has been well received with growing sales. In the coming months more exciting products will come to the market which will further help clinicians to reach even more patients in need. It has been a difficult challenge right from the start but seeing the progress we have made to this day, it gives us strong momentum and motivation for the road ahead.”

Dr Karl Obszanski, CEO Aston Vision Sciences Ltd.

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    Aston Vision Sciences company incorporation


    University spinout process complete


    Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst grant awarded & Seed A investment round


    AVS certified to ISO 13485 quality management system


    Seed B investment round


    Fluorescein filter product UKCA & CE approval


    Patent 1 granted UK & EU


    Fluorescein Filter distribution agreement

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    Future Goals

    Aston Vision Sciences was started with the central aim of helping millions of people around the world through the development of high performance, portable instrumentation for the early identification of eye diseases.

    Our team is focused on providing new levels of eye care solutions which will surpass current device limitations and be compatible for all age ranges. High standards of care will no longer be confined to clinical settings but will be portable and require lower operator training meaning that a single trained clinician will be able to perform the same tests in domiciliary and field settings as in clinic or hospital spaces but with the equipment able to meet the additional requirements of remote patients. This not only means a more comfortable patient experience, but the ability to monitor recovery progress, and all while relieving demand on traditional hospital services.