Quantum Dice and BT Group Explore the Use of QRNGs for Cryptographic Applications in Telecommunications

Unlocking Quantum Security

Innovate UK ICURe is thrilled to learn that Quantum Dice, an ICURe alumni, and BT Group will explore the potential applications of Quantum Dice’s cutting-edge Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) in the telecommunications sector.

In an exciting venture, BT Group’s Research and Development division will employ Quantum Dice’s VERTEX QD-1100 device to conduct extensive assessments on its long-term performance, reliability, hardware integration, and the innovative PCIe card’s self-certification capabilities as a trusted entropy source for security applications.

This collaboration underscores BT Group’s dedication to continuous improvement and its mission of connecting for good. With a proven track record of successfully integrating emerging technologies, BT Group is well-positioned to evaluate enabling technologies, particularly in the realm of Quantum Dice’s patented DISC™ QRNG for enhanced information security.

Andrew Lord, Senior Manager, Research, Optical Networks, BT Group, emphasized the critical role of entropy in cryptography, stating, “As the UK’s leading network provider, it’s crucial to ensure our digital infrastructure remains secure against new quantum-based threats. We are excited to embark on long-term trials of the QRNG, especially utilizing the self-certification technique to ensure true randomness.”

In today’s data-driven landscape, genuine random number generation is paramount for communication security. Access to verified, high-quality entropy is essential for generating robust cryptographic keys, providing enhanced security for networks, and future-proofing against evolving quantum technologies.

Wenmiao Yu, Director of Business Development and Co-Founder of Quantum Dice, expressed anticipation in working with BT Group, citing their leadership in testing and adopting quantum technologies, exemplified by their quantum-secured metro network in London. Yu is eager to explore and harness the potential of QRNGs for cybersecurity.

Ramy Shelbaya, CEO and Co-Founder of Quantum Dice, highlighted the significance of securing telecommunications infrastructure in the internet age. Shelbaya stated, “We are really excited to be working with BT Group to explore how our QRNG technology can help secure a connected future.”

Quantum Dice’s VERTEX QD-1100 QRNG, showcased by BT Group in a QRNG use-case development hackathon in July 2023, boasts best-in-class security, a 2.66 Gbps rate of post-processed random numbers, and a compact PCIe form factor. The device leverages Quantum Dice’s patented DISC™ protocol, offering continuous entropy checks for live quantum assurance.

Packaged as a standard half-length PCIe card, VERTEX QD-1100 is easily integrable within servers, PCs, and hardware security systems, making it ideal for cybersecurity applications.

BT Group’s commitment to the long-term evaluation of Quantum Dice’s QRNG marks a crucial step in exploring the potential of this patented technology as an innovative quantum-resistant solution, trusted, scalable, and easily integrated.

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